Monday, September 17, 2012

Goddess of Wholeness

I wanted to make a unique birthday gift for a dear friend, so I asked her what kind of a wire product and design she might be interested in.
All she mentioned to me was that she was interested in something she could hang in her window that was symboilc of wholeness.

With that in mind, I created this:

Why did I choose this design? 
Well, I did some research on wholeness symbols and came across the Cretan labyrinth, which represents a journey to one's center and then back out to the world. 
I decided to add the woman to the design as it represents the connection of feminine energy and spirituality.

Finally, the color arrangements are a representation of the chakras. The arrangements start from the center of the labyrinth as one journey's outward.

Once I got the design laid out in my mind, I knew it was absolutely fitting for her, and it has also become one of my most favorite creations so far.
When creativity flows, everything amazingly and easily comes together! 


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