Friday, August 30, 2013

PiP the Frog

After receiving a request for e a wire and bead frog as a Christmas gift, I had to figure out how I wanted my frog to look. After seeking out many frog images, I decided to go with this cute cartoon style design of a tree frog in a meditation/prayer pose.

Figuring out a way to make his legs and arms stand out so that they didn't lose their definition and blend in with the body was my greatest challenge with this piece.

It took a few attempts, but I decided that I liked the a more delicate and spacious look for the body. Though getting all the lines and spaces perfect was a bit more than I could accomplish on this design. I still think the final product came out cute.

But, what matters most is what the customer thinks of it... I understand that she adores little PiP the frog!

I named this frog PiP. Because he is seeking Patience, Insight & Peace!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Wire Writing

I had a request to make a wire name/sign for Serendipity, Ink. At first I thought, "Wire writing? this will be so easy!" hahaha... it turned out to be a bit more challenging than I anticipated. In fact, at one point the wire broke, leaving me with the option to start all over or to figure out how to creatively mend it. After much thought, I decided to go with mending it. Can you tell where that mend may have occurred?

All in all, this project to be yet another experience to expand on creative wire usage and my techniques in wire art.